04 January, 2012

2011 Highlights... Part I

2011 was a big year for a lot of reasons. I changed jobs, found love, launched an NGO, moved. Through it all there were a lot of memories I wanted to hold onto. Below are just a few highlights

January: The Rose Parade with my love. I got to meet his family and see the parade. We sat close to the end, four rows from the street. Amazing!

February: for Valentines' Day D took me snowshoeing. I've never been. It was incredible. We were some of the only people out there and had a great time. After we ate a yummy lunch he had packed of grilled sausage, tomato, basic and mozzarella appetizers, and hot chocolate with Kahlua. 

March: My parents built an addition on their home for my grandfather. It was interesting to see the process from start to finish, from a hole in the ground to a home. I cannot imagine "finished products" very well. I do better with pictures and samples, so to watch it all - the floor, walls, support, paint, carpet, fixtures, etc. get added was fun.  

April: I traveled to Buena Vista for a long weekend. It was a pivotal time in the year and in my life. The time gave me the confidence to leave my job, to pursue what I wanted. It was a turning point in healing from Rwanda (and before) and coming to realize I cannot please other people all the time. Eventually I have to be true to myself and through that might find a way of connecting back with God. 

May: For mommy's day we took her mini golfing. She won by a decided margin. I stink at mini golf, but it was enjoyable to do something nice for my parents.

June: D and I traveled to Keystone for the weekend. While we were there, we happened upon a kayaking competition. Unsure what was to come we sat down and took it in. 
What we saw was nothing short of remarkable
(and this is by far not even close to the best run of the afternoon).

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