11 January, 2012

2011 Highlights.... Part 2

Last week I started listing the highlights of last year. I got thru June, so now I pick through  the end of the year.
July: D & I went to Eleven Mile Canyon. I had never been before. It was an incredible day! We drove all the way upto the dam, stopping a couple times to take photos. We didn't get in the water, (though there were plenty of people doing that). On the way home we took some back roads.It was fun to explore, to get out and do something new.

August: One of the coolest things D and I did last year was to plant a massive garden at my parents' house. We got tons of veggies from it - tomatoes, squash, pumpkins and carrots. One afternoon I happened to be there and found someone else enjoying our hard work!
September: D and I took a long weekend and went to the Sand Dunes. 2011 feels like a year of things I have never done. It was time first time camping (we had a trailer), my first time to the Sand Dunes. I loved the Dunes, every time you looked at them they appeared different. I want to go back sometime when I can really appreciate the stars - I forgot what they look like without the city lights.

October:  We traveled to CA for a weekend. While we were there D showed me tide pooling. Growing up in the mountains I had no idea what it was. It was incredible to see the ecosystem change because of the tide coming in and going out. I got some amazing photos, but really love this one of the starfish.

November: We took a road trip to Reno to empty out a storage unit. I got to go to Salt Lake City - another first. The salt on the side of the road from the lake is everywhere - making it appear almost like an alien planet. I never realized how massive Salt Lake actually is. We had another adventure when our U-Haul broke on the way back - the wheel broke clear free of the axle while we were doing 60 on the interstate. Fortunately everyone was okay.

December: The end of the year came too fast and brought joys all its own. I got to cut down a Christmas tree with D, something I have not done since I was a little girl. We decorated it in my apartment and began a series of traditions together. Over the course of the month I came to see how I am attaching my life to D's - and that was both humbling and exciting.

Now, onto 2012 and all the adventures to come!

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