26 January, 2012

Nothing to Say

I heard this Andrew Peterson song this morning. It remains one of my favorite of all time.

In the quiet contemplation, a road trip with a loved one, stuck by the grandeur and humility of the Creator.

"And I don't believe that I believed in You as deeply as today. I reckon what I'm saying is there's nothing more, nothing more to say. 

"And the mountains sing Your
glory hallelujah. The canyons echo sweet amazing grace. My spirit sails, the mighty gales are bellowing Your name. And I've gotten nothing to say,  No, I've got nothing to say." 

When is the last time this humility struck?  The greatest testament to a Creator has to be in the awesome view from a mountain top, or a colorful flower field in the middle of nature, or the creation of the Grand Canyon. I look at the minute detail in a bird or a flower or a sunset and wonder how anyone can enjoy nature and yet deny the existence of the One who made it all. Too often I think that God created much of the beauty in this world for His benefit, we are just lucky enough to experience it too.

In that joy of a Creator is the realization that if he would spend so much time and energy on a magnificent flower in a jungle no human might ever see... How much care and planning did he take for me?

Enjoy friends. Stop what you are doing, listen, and be carried away in heartfelt worship...

- -

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