07 November, 2010

What's in a Name?

Dillon Bailey.

Being that it is not my name I have gotten some questions as to where it comes from. 
It's my pen name, the name I've developed in case I ever get published - and it has a lot of meaning. 

Mrs. Dillon was my 8th grade English teacher. She was incredible. She constantly encouraged us to be more than we were, to dream, to reach. During my 8th grade year, a fellow student committed suicide. I remember, Mrs. Dillon was the only teacher that took time to talk to us. She told us that life won't always be like it was then, there were other options, and that we were not alone. 

She passed away when I was in high school of breast cancer. I will never forget the impact she left in my life, and how I still think of her often for all she taught me. 

Bailey was my grandmother's maiden name. She died when I was 12 of Alzheimer's disease. It was a long battle. She went from being a vibrant, alive, passionate, giving woman of God to a shell, with dead eyes, who did not recognize those closest to her.

So what's in a name? Everything! It is in remembrance of two women who changed my life - who taught me the intrinsic value of each person, to chase my dreams, to live a life of service and hospitality; it's for two women who still help define me today. 

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  1. So precious! I love it! Can't wait to read more....