16 November, 2010

Out of Focus

This is one of my favorite photos I have ever taken. It was back in 2005 - playing in the backyard with my nieces and nephews.

Perspective. The way we choose to see things. The way we face what is happening around us.

Some would argue she should be in focus, and the yard, which is of very little concern to anyone, should be blurry. There should be close depth of field. But I say there is something in the photo - the way you can sort of see her face, turned downward, engaged with something in her hands, the way there is new life in the trees. I love the colors in the photo, all in the same tone but vibrant and different.


I have to admit, some days it is a struggle to be where I am. It is hard for me to be content in CO. It is hard for me to settle into my life here and not longingly look at the DC map on my wall and remember my life there and miss it.

But like the photo, it is in how I choose to see it. God is doing amazing things with me here, and when I stop focusing on what I don't like and focus on the whole of what is happening - I see that I am happy, loved, in a job that values and respects me. I am growing, healing, changing, learning. My life looks very differently than I thought it would a year after Rwanda, two years after Cambodia. But it is good.


When I take my eyes off me I see the blessings I miss every day. My mentor challenged me to notice where I see God this week. It is a short list - not because He is not moving, but by focusing on what I don't like I am not seeing all He is doing. I can choose to open my eyes to Him and be hit with an amazing sunrise, or the gift of a friend at work, the beauty of something made from what He put on the earth. It is a choice - and I am striving to choose to see my Creator at work.

Give me Your perspective, Father.

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