25 November, 2010



Happy Thanksgiving!!

This year I am grateful for the simple things.

The sunlight coming in the window as I wake up
Good coffee ready when I get out of the shower
Love that treats me right, is unconditional, and constant in reminding me why it's here

Friends who stand beside you, take the good and the bad, and love you just the same
The blessing of my cousins who are so close
Good music you can sing, dance, and be silly to 
My nieces and nephews who make me laugh and keep me young

A Lord who loves me and is there - period. 
My job, the couple I work for, and the blessing they are in my life
Creativity - this blog, my writing and being able to share it

My friends in DC who continue to love me from so far away
My friends in Rwanda who changed me and are still teaching me things
The friends in CO starting to emerge
Those around the U.S. (and world!) who are on my mind today. Thank you for the blessing you are to me!

Enjoy the day everyone, share it with someone you love.

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