27 June, 2011


A few weeks ago I helped out at the Warrior Games. It was an incredible experience. I was there for wheelchair basketball, a game between the Marines and the Air Force. To see what these men and women can accomplish is humbling and inspiring. I support and value our military, and feel enough is not being done to highlight what they do, what they defend, and what they sacrifice.

Beyond the competition is the camaraderie- yes, they played as Branches, but there was a level of respect between them I have rarely seen elsewhere. I would encourage all of you to come next year. I am already getting my nephews to volunteer with me and I hope to be able to be there for the swimming, track and biking events.

A shot from the closing ceremonies, over 200 athletes competed

If you go here there is a video on 31 May about the competition (sorry couldn't figure out how to embed it).

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