16 June, 2011

Goals II

We started this week talking about professional goals, and now we are going to turn to personal.
It is essential to have goals for ourselves and where we want to end up. Too often years pass and time slips away because we are not intentionally pursuing what we want out of life.
Sometimes (often times) goals are longer term. I know someone who is planning for something that probably won't come about for 15 more years. But they are doing things now to make that become a reality then.
It can be small things - take a language or a class, volunteer, look into local programs, etc.
So, again, one - five - ten year goals.
One year from now I want to be working with an organization focused on services with/for victims of violence.
That is broad, there are multiple levels to that statement. Ideally, I would like to be doing outreach or training, but I would be an admin if it got my foot in the door and connected me into that arena again.
You don't go from step one to twenty in anything. Goals fill in the gaps and give you benchmarks.  
After setting a goal, break it down into smaller units.
One year from now, I want to be done with a novel and have it ready to publish.
Therefore, I will dedicate five hours a week (all I can right now) to editing and find someone to be an objective editor.
Block in intentional time.
Put it as an event on your calendar. It is the concept of blocking in the important things first - not trying to squeeze it in after your schedule is chaotic.
When I decided to pursue freelance, I made a bare bones budget and then broke that down into weekly goals. I need $--- a week to pay my most basic bills. In that budget, I put in savings and fun because I knew without it I would blow the budget and overspend. That was part of the move to working for myself, the ability to know how much of savings I needed and how much I need to bring in now to stay afloat.
Preparation is essential. That's another reason goals are important for your life, they help you move to something and plan for what you ultimately want.
Be realistic with yourself and what you want to accomplish. Whether it's buying a home, launching a business, changing jobs, taking that trip to Europe - intentionality is the key to making things happen.

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