16 February, 2011


I am back. Sorry about the delay in posting, with the holidays and work... Things are settling down now. 

I've been thinking a lot about purpose recently. What makes me happy, brings me joy. What do I want to pursue in terms of career, calling, purpose. Those things can be the same or they can be very different.

I am going to register DBP in CO. I am researching photo sites to sell my work. I am going to TRY my hand at making even a partial living with photography. Here's to chasing a dream.

I took this photo in Cambodia. We were at a community center that had been a brothel only a few years before. What was once used to tear down and destroy was being used to educate and help. 

I still wonder if I was ever there. The entire trip feels like a dream. Rwanda does too. So does Ecuador. They all impacted me greatly, I learned so much, and yet, most days it feels like I never left home.  

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