12 October, 2011

Sand Dunes Adventure

I recently spent some time at the Sand Dunes. It was an incredible adventure. A friend and I went for a long weekend. We rented a trailer and got out of town.

I miss the quiet of morning. I remember it from the ranch - when I could walk down the road and only hear the ground crunch under my feet and, perhaps, the sound of the horses getting collected for the day.

At the dunes I laid in the camper and listened to morning come. There were creatures stirring, the wind soft and faint. It was bitter cold (our heating died) but it was magical. It carried me back to the uninterrupted morning of my childhood, when nothing seemed to exist but the sun on the horizon and the promise of a new day.

One morning we built a fire and ate breakfast, watching the sun hit the dunes and give the sand definition. We determined that every time we looked at the dunes they were different. You could probably take a photo every morning at the same time and end up with a different image. 

There is something magical about the Dunes. If you have never been, go. It's only $3 and so worth it. You can play on the dunes and fight to get to the top. We took a Frisbee and used it to determine our path. There is some childlike quality to the sand and the chance to just run and be free and silly. 

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